Adult Karate

Train your Mind, Body, and Spirit in our Adult Karate class. We offer dynamic workouts that promote full-body fitness while at the same time training you in the physical and mental skills that you need to defend yourself. Our instructors have experience working with students of all types, from novices who've never studied martial arts to experts in other styles

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Whether you're working with a partner, on one of our heavy bags, or practicing your kata (choreographed series of movements that help martial artists master their techniques), one thing is certain: you'll work up a sweat in our Adult Karate Classes! Physical training has been shown to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve many aspects of everyday life. From simple calenstinics like push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks to hard-core cardio workouts like bag drills and partner workouts, our classes will keep you constantly moving toward a healthier you

Self Defense

We are committed to providing practical, effective self-defense training, and our students have taken the techniques that they learn in class and put them to work on the street (as law enforcement, corrections, and private security personnel) and in the ring (as competitors in local and re

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