Animal Techniques


Step RT foot to LT, #3 block. Spin backwards with left foot into opponent LT side elbow to face, RT leopards paw to throat.


Step back RT, LT cat stance. LT inward palm block. Half moon forwards left foot, RT tiger palm to stomach, LT tiger rake to face, RT tigers mouth throat.


Jump back right foot left crane stance (left hip towards attacker) left downward crane block, right guard above head. Controls punch hand with block, left hinge kick to groin. Step down left, right cranes beak nose. Grab back of head with right(still controlling arm with left hand) Right knee to stomach, step forward with right will pushing head down and lifting arm skywards (cowboy throw)


Step back left foot right snake stance. Right circular inward ridge hand block, left circular finger whip towards eye (just for distraction) Left hand controls punch while leaning forwards doing a right handed poke to throat then the left hand slides under right hand towards face poking into the attackers eyes. Shifting weight back to left foot do inverted snakes kick to neck.


Step back with left foot almost facing completely the opposite direction, downward 3 block, rising right heel kick to stomach.