Blue Belt with Green Stripe 1st Rokkyu

The Blue belt with green stripe is when the Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts student begins specific study of individual Kempo founders. The historical research component of our system is designed to enrich the martial arts experience for our students. Learning the link that our present system has to the past enables students to see that they are part of a continuous line, which started over 1500 years ago. The initial research topic is the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, who is commonly accepted as the person most responsible for the beginning of Shaolin Kempo.

requirements for next rank

All previous rank requirements.


  • Crane's wings blocks (both kinds)

  • Ridge hand block

  • Strikes

  • Poison thumb

  • Reinforced poison thumb

  • Iron thumb

  • Rising, upward, and butting (reverse roundhouse) elbow

  • Crane's beak


  • Hook kick

  • Stepping stool kick

  • Axe kick

  • Wheel kick

  • Hinge kick

Self-Defense Techniques

  • Stabbing knife (adults)

  • Overhead knife (adults)


  • Ten

  • Twelve


  • 2 Kata

  • Weapon Forms

  • Tiger bo or Kama kata