Blue Belt - 2nd Rokkyu

At blue belt, you start to work more with partners and sparring becomes a more common place. Your foundation of basics should now be at a level that we do not have to worry about control issues. With control, you should have the ability to execute a technique with power while still being able to pull the strikes so as not to injure your partner.

Requirements for Next Rank

All previous rank requirements.


  • Downward X block

  • Inverted ridge hand block

  • Dragon block


  • Cross body shuto

  • Downward elbow

  • Immortal man


  • Spinning reverse crescent kick

  • Front heel

Self-Defense Techniques

  • Side head lock

  • Bear hug

  • Stabbing knife

  • Overhead club

  • Side club


  • Heian Nidan (second half) or

  • Tiger Finds its Claws