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Days of Confidence

  • Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

9am to 12pm each day

Grow your confidence for the 2019 Spring Alliance Tournament and grow your confidence outside of the dojo. Days of Confidence are open to everyone, even if you cannot participate in the tournament.

Perfect existing material, sparring, self-defense and weapons. Learn new techniques. Work in specialized break out sessions to focus on what you want to focus on.

Register at the dojo or online. Weapons required.

$125 without weapon

$100 with weapon

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Parents Night Out
6:00 PM18:00

Parents Night Out

Some Assembly Required

Have a BLAST being a master builder!

Do all sorts of FUN things including…

  • Learn how to build fast and fight like a "brickster" – yes!

  • Build forts, spaceships and pirate ships – oh my!

  • Fight off the greys & take down Lord grey using different targets, body shields & hand targets – so cool!

  • Laugh and play with other Lego-loving kids – birds of a feather…

  • Learn about teamwork – so rewarding!

  • Hone their “think on their feet fast “skills – awesome!

  • Recharge with a Lego-based snack – now you’re talkin!

  • And more!

“Everything is Awesome”… just like the theme song in The Lego Movie. 😉

 $30 + $10 each additional family member

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Grand Masters Seminar
6:00 PM18:00

Grand Masters Seminar

Two Grand Masters - One Location - One Day

Date change due to blizzard on Sunday: Now Friday, January 18th at 6pm

Cost (covers both seminars):

$60 (includes 1 set of Tonfas) Tonfas mandatory
$45 if you already have your own tonfas

Grand Master Duncan

Grand Master Duncan will be sharing with us his knowledge on Attacking Entries and Explosive Movements once inside the Attack. The principles taught will help you look at all your techniques from a different angle allowing you to use them off of varied attacks.

Grand Master Rebelo

Grand Master Rebelo will be teaching the ancient weapon of the Tonfa. GM Rebelo will be focusing on Attack Drill Sets of this powerful weapon typically wielded in sets one for each hand. He will also be covering a traditional weapon Kata to help you practice your new skill sets.

More information can also be found on Facebook.

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