Green Belt - Gokyu

The Green belt begins the advanced period of study at Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts. At green belt, we start to prepare students for the responsibility of being a black belt. There is a longer waiting period between tests, a greater amount of historical information to learn, and the possibly of being asked to serve as an assistant instructor for our beginner youth class. Being a green belt does not automatically mean you can help teach, nor is it a requirement that you must teach for future ranks. The promotional tests themselves are also longer than for the lower ranks. Our green belt students are, quite literally, the future of our school, thus we expect much more from them. One particularly important attribute is humility. When a certain amount of information is learned, human nature leads us to become comfortable, and possibly overconfident. The Green belt must develop and maintain a high degree of humility to continue learning the advanced aspects of Shaolin Kempo. Humility is a necessary ingredient to quality teaching, which is a level that many green belts strive to attain. An ancient philosopher said, "To be great is to be humble, to be humble is to be great".

Requirements for Next Rank

All previous rank requirements.


  • Ten-point blocking system


  • Trigger finger

  • Eagles' talon

  • Crab's pinch

  • Elephant trunk


  • Scissor kick

  • Rising heel kick

  • Chinese heel kick

Self-Defense Techniques

  • Slashing knife

  • Back slashing knife

  • Back slashing club

  • Full nelson

  • Half nelson

  • Side headlock


  • Fourteen

  • Fifteen

  • Sixteen


  • Statue of the Crane


  • At least one Kempo punch technique for each combination you know.