Our instructors are the very best in the business. Each of our instructors has years of martial arts training, often in multiple styles, and each has demonstrated not only their passion for martial arts, but a gift for sharing their knowledge with students. 

Our instructors are chosen from among the ranks of our most gifted students, but becoming an instructor isn't automatic. Before earning the right to be called "sensei" (teacher), our instructors must undergo a rigorous training program that is intended to test not only their physical skills, but also their mastery of the academic aspects of our art: philosophy, lineage, and martial concepts. In addition to their regular classes, instructors are expected to attend a class specifically designed for black belts and, several times a year, additional training.

Our instructors constantly seek to expand their own training, attending seminars inside and outside our school and style. We demand the highest level of proficiency and commitment from our instructors, the better to provide exceptional training to, and great examples for, our students. To maintain the high quality instruction that DPMA is known for, our instructors must occasionally re-certify, proving that they have kept their skills--as both martial arts and teachers--sharp. We are confident that you will find no better martial artists or instructors anywhere!