Kempo Punch Techniques

L-Step (left foot to right, right foot out to side horse stance) right hammer fist block, right back punch face, RT reverse hammer groin, RT back punch face, RT side thrust kick stomach, cross over and on guard.

L-Step to outside punch, LT hammer block, spin backwards moving right foot around right back elbow to back, spin forwards with left foot (now facing opponent's back) left palm heel to back.

Half moon forward with right foot. #2 block. 3 RT thrust punches to groin, stomach, and face. LT thrust punch face. RT thrust punch face.

Half moon forward with left foot, #1 block. RT reverse hammer fist to ribs, LT palm to face, RT instep roundhouse kick to stomach.

Half moon forward with LT foot, LT inward palm block. RT Thrust punch to stomach, LT thrust punch to ribs, RT tigers mouth to throat. RT leg hawk to front leg.

RT crescent kick to striking hand, RT thrust kick to stomach (do not touch down after crescent), step down after thrust kick towards opponent, spinning back kick with left foot to stomach

Half moon forward with LT foot. LT inward palm block, RT roundhouse elbow to stomach, LT roundhouse elbow to ribs, RT ridge hand to groin.