Orange Belt - 4th Rokkyu

The orange belt student has demonstrated that they have the makings of a student who may stay with us for a while. Given this initial show of perseverance, we teach the orange belt their second form at this level. Two pinan is very similar to one pinan, but with a few different angles and strikes. During their time at orange belt, students will continue to refine all information previously learned, as well as learning a variety of new techniques.

Requirements FOR next rank

All previous rank requirements.


  • Knife hand blocks (circular and downward)


  • Kneeling stance


  • Upward palm

  • Spear (sword) hand

  • Side elbow

  • Leopard paw

  • Ridge hand

  • Driving ridge hand

  • Driving knife hand


  • Reverse crescent kick

  • Instep roundhouse kick

  • Side blade kick

Self Defense

  • Overhead club

  • Back choke

  • Front choke

  • Lapel grab

  • Double wrist grab


  • Two

  • Five


  • 1 Kata