Purple Belt

The purple belt is the first of the intermediate belts. At purple belt the student is introduced to a traditional Japanese form and as a balance, animal techniques from the Chinese side of our training. At purple belt lower rank students start to see you as a role model. The future of our school rests, partly, on the continued development of quality martial artists. Do your part to be an example of excellence for the lower ranks.

Requirements FOR next rank

All previous rank requirements.


  • Windmill Blocks

  • Dropping crane's wings block


  • Twist (Dragon) stance

  • Forward stance

  • Back stance


  • Two-finger poke

  • Dropping crane's wings strike

  • U-punch

  • Tiger's mouth strike

  • Tiger's rake


  • Kempo roundhouse kick

  • Spinning back kick

Self-Defense Techniques

  • Overarm bearhug

  • Underarm bearhug

  • One-arm back choke

  • Combinations

  • Four

  • Eighteen


  • Heian Nidan (first half) or

  • Tiger Finds its Claws