School Rules


Self control is the ability to control your own actions and emotions. In the martial arts, self control is essential. Our students must control their bodies when practicing a technique or sparring. They must control their minds to master their fears and frustrations. Self control will not only help them avoid panic in a dangerous situation, but more importantly, it will help them avoid negative situations all together.


Sincerity means being honest and keeping your word, following through on what your promises to yourself and to others.Martial arts training can be challenging, but we promise our students that we will make them better martial artists, athletes, and people. Students who succeed in martial arts, and people who succeed in life, are sincere about their commitment and expectations.


Etiquette is about how you move through social space, a code of conduct that guides how you interact with other people. In the dojo, students exhibit good manners by removing their shoes and bowing upon entering, being attentive and respectful of instructors and other students, and helping to keep the dojo clean. Outside of the dojo,students must be polite and respect parents, teachers, and classmates.They should learn both to lead their peers by example and to follow instructions gracefully.


Effort is the exertion of physical or mental strength. The results gained from effort are directly related to the amount of effort exerted. We make it a point to require slightly more effort from our students than they think they can give. This teaches them to expect the very best from themselves and slowly increase their ability to sustain maximum levels of effort.


Character is the sum total of personal qualities that make you who you are. We say that a person's character is who they are and what they do when they think no one is watching them. It is easy to be honorable and forthright when you do something in public; we see the REAL person when an individual has the perceived opportunity to do something wrong without getting caught. Your character determines if you will do the right thing or the wrong thing.