White Belt - 6th Rokkyu

The white belt is the first, and thus the most important, level that our students study. The white belt level is the foundation for all subsequent learning at Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts. Not all white belts will become black belts, but ALL black belts were once white belts. For this reason the basic information taught at this level is absolutely crucial to advancing in the system. Students who spend the time required to master the basics will almost always make the best martial artists in the future.

Requirements for Next Rank


  • Front position

  • Right foot out and elbow position


  • Eight point blocking system

  • Overhead X block


  • Horse

  • Crane

  • Half-mooning


  • Front punch

  • Thrust punch

  • Hammer fist

  • Palm Heel

  • Back punch


  • Front instep kick

  • Front ball kick

  • Side thrust kick

  • Back kick

Self-Defense Techniques

  • Overhead club defense

  • Back choke

  • Front choke

  • Single lapel grab

  • Single wrist grab


  • Six

  • Seven